How to Start My Article Writing Business


In this series “How to start my article writing business,” I am going to literally take you by the hand (word for word) and give you step by step by step to do instructions in this article and articles to come on setting up the proper accounts and with whom to submit. The proper and quick writing technique(s) that other gurus want willfully let you in on. I believe in leveling the playing field and I am going to do it free, totally 100% FREE!


Starting your article writing business is no different than planning your business plan or proposal. It has a thought process followed with a list of to dos to get the job done. The first task, is to decide on what to write about, now I cannot help you with this issue, why? You may ask. Simply put you are unique to you and no one else, with that said here are some areas to look in to for inspiration on a business niche, genre or topic. Task: Pick a topic, niche or genre. To write about (Pick something you are genuine at doing).

Note: “When I talk of profession, do not let this throw you. You can be a cook In fast food service and turn this in to a internet profession on line with article content on the task you under go in your job, any job for that fact of matter.

1. It can be from a profession your currently working in.

a. Cook

b. Clerk

c. Receptionist

d. Executive, etc.

2. The next step in this task is to find platforms on which to submit your articles, so that they will obtain good ranking in Google and other search engines. Note: “I am not saying nor is it necessary for you at this stage to mount up a great deal of plat forms to post on. I recommend starting out with Two to Three platforms. Now as you get better at your writings and submissions, we will increase your number of platforms. Right now, I would like to see how you do with just Two to Three.

a. The following are good recommendations for sites to start from and post articles and content, they have a history of working. I have researched their performance and their right on with what they will have the ability to do for you.

i. EzineArticles: An article submission site is very popular and well known.

ii. GoArticles: Another article submission site. Again, this site is very popular and well known for original content, so have your writing skills sharp.

iii. Search Warp: This site is also well known and very professional in content. You will have to fill out and have approved an application before writing and submitting here. The cool part is you can reach Google first page very fast here.


Once you have completed the steps you will be well off to a good start in setup of your article writing business. I know you are in a hurry to get started and sometimes rushing through can potentially set you back. Please be patient, as I will be releasing continuation of my articles on this and many other internet building solutions to your business.

Look for Vol.2 to the article where I will be talking about target phrases and how to apply them to your article. I will also discuss in details on how to research and find if your phrases has a high market competitive rate. Good stuff coming free. If time is not on your side then follow me on my network and I will be glade to set you up for an accelerated group of your own.

How to Start My Article Writing Business Vol 4: Monetizing Your Articles Done Right


Welcome to Article series four on “how to start my article writing business.” If you have been following this series of articles, I have written on this subject you will notice that I have changed the title to this article in the series. The reason arguably goes to the content of this particular article. You have to think back to my discussion on optimizing your title to match your content.

In these article series, I will be discussing how to make money with your articles, some important contemplation about where you will submit, and some writing tips to get you ahead of the curve in your actual writings. We will then moving into putting it all together. There will be some good stuff in this series on the Monetizing aspects of building your article writing business.


Now that you understand the important aspects of getting your article in the top rankings of Google and other search engines, it comes down to how you actually write and put the article into context. If you have written before then you will grasp this very easily. It is all about having some basic writing skills at hand and writing in a very formal way. In this case, of monetizing your article right, you will want to perform your writings in a professional manner.

Use my model for instance in my articles; you will notice there is an Introduction, the content or body of the page and finally the conclusion. This form of writing is professional in appearance and it allows you to build on the niche or genre of content your writing. There are other forms of writing such as Analytical styles and contrast and comparative writings. These forms of writings are more for your newsletters and eBooks’ should you decide to venture into these areas of composition writings.

OK, let me start by putting it simple, you will be linking other sites to your article through hyper-linking your text within your content. You see this all the time on any giving website when you hover your pointer over a particular text that contains a hyper-link and you can click to go to that link.

Now you must understand that this take some considerable care in doing so along with some copying and pasting of these links. Another point to be aware of is that you do not want to be linking a lot of your text in your article body. Certainly some article directories want accept your article if you have too many links, usually two to three is the limit and most importantly you do not want to be linking above the fold in your article.

To give you an understanding of what considered above the fold; look at your monitor when you click on your next website. The moment the page appears everything from the top of your browser to the bottom of your browser that you see on the website without you scrolling is top fold. It is like getting your newspaper and unfolding the bottom is a perfect analogy. The reason I explained this is you do not want a link in your top fold of your content in your article.

Now lets focus back on the particular directories I had aforementioned in my previous article(s); Ezine Article, Go Article and Word press these are the best ranking sites to get your articles on, you will really want to get in to their terms and conditions of submitting your articles. This will save you a lot of downtime in reediting your articles. If you follow, some of the guides I have went over here you would do fine on these sites.

One more major factor you want to keep in mind regarding submission to these and other sites is the wording of your article(s) must sound informative in its context and not as though your trying to sell something. Speaking of selling, let us get back to the hyperlinks you will be using in your content text(s). You do not! Want to use any direct affiliate links in your article. I will explain this later.


If you have already began to write your articles as your going through my guide, use this point to go back and review your articles to make sure they are within compliance as I have mentioned here. In my next series “Monetizing your articles done right part 2,” I will discuss how to get the right affiliate products to monetize your site based on your niche or genre of product or service.

Writing Articles On Business Topics Considered

Writing online articles about business topics isn’t always so easy. Chances are most of the readers that come to specific articles will be somewhat familiar with the industry, but not all of them. Those who are will expect you to use the industry terms and buzzwords for that sector, however, the average Internet reader won’t know what you’re talking about unless you explain what these buzzwords are a first-time that you mention them.

You don’t need to talk over someone’s head just because they don’t understand what the buzzwords mean, likewise you don’t need to put everything in layman’s terms throughout your entire article because it will look stupid, silly, or not up to the caliber of someone who is already in the industry, therefore you end up losing credibility, even if you know you’re talking about.

Another point that is rather important and a lot of people are talking about it, is that all too often there are negative connotations associated with the business community, especially in various industries such as banking currently. There is no need to slam the banking sector just because the average citizen may blame them for the economic crisis, or perhaps even their own personal hardships getting through the recession. Rather, it makes sense to acknowledge that some people are concerned with A, B, and C and then move on to the relevant points in your article you are trying to make.

If you take sides trying to appease the reader by lambasting the banking industry in this case you will lose credibility with those people who know the reality of the details, and the politics involved. That will make you look stupid, ignorant, and that you don’t know what you’re talking about, even if you do win some friends who are of the same political viewpoints. If you’re going to write like that it belongs on a blog, not in online articles on business topics.

Further, it doesn’t make sense to slam free-market capitalism, or capitalism in general because most of the folks who are in business are quite happy with capitalism, as they realize the massive abundance that we have in our society and civilization through these fundamental philosophies.

All too often I see poorly written business articles with an ax to grind, written in an angry fashion, and most likely from a chronically depressed writer who’s never been in business themselves anyway. Indeed I hope you will please consider this and if you are making these mistakes, change your ways and you will find yourself with more readers, and followers online.

Articles For Business – Create a Good Resource Box to Make Customers Click

When you start your article marketing campaign it is important to have a well thought out title, this makes your reader think oh! that article is just what I am looking for. It is also important to have content that is fresh, interesting and informative.

Another element that is just as important as the other elements above is the resource box. So if you think you can write a terrific article with an attention grabbing title and then write any old box content and expect results, your wrong. The truth is that in article marketing, the resource box is the reason for your article.

So what is a resource box, the best way to explain it is, that the body content of your article is the “give” part and the box is the “take” part of your article. In the take part of your article which is the box, you get to tell your reader a little bit about yourself as to why you are an expert on your topic, you also try to convince your reader to visit your site.

You then use a call to action that is something like “click here” for more information ( this is only an example use your imagination when creating a call to action) you then insert a link to your website. The resource box is usually placed at the end of your article.

So what are the benefits of a good resource box for your business article, well the main reason is, it is used to drive traffic to your website.

You only get a small section for your box so remember to take your time in crafting a good box.

As you are crafting your resource box keep these tips in mind:

> Your box should not use more than 500 characters this includes spacing ( most publishers will limit a 500 character use )

> Do not use unnecessary wording, the space you are given is only a small space, so choose your words carefully and make them count.

> There is no need to include your phone, email or fax number. Your article is used only to drive traffic to your website. If your customers wants to contact you they should be able to get all of the contact information from your site.

> To get the best out of your box use different text for each article, use text and keywords that are relevant to your article.

> Your box should ideally be used for driving traffic to one website, but no more than two.

> Make sure your links work, after all you do not want to spend valuable time crafting a good resource box and then find out your links do not work.

> Give your readers a reason to “click” to get through to your website. Offer free gifts, a free ebook, a discount on your product etc.

> Include your author name, this is not only good manners it helps to get your name known as an expert in your field.

Do not under estimate the power of a well crafted resource box in what it can do for your business article marketing campaign. Articles for business can be of great benefit as part of an overall marketing plan but keep in mind the importance of a well constructed resource box. Good luck.

How to Write Articles on Business Ethics For Professionals

Due to the global economic collapse, and the corporate malfeasance, which was definitely part of the problem, there have been more and more articles in business newspapers, business magazines, and online about business ethics for professionals. In fact, they now actually teach business ethics classes at Yale and Harvard, as well as Wharton business school. It’s about time, as some would say. Luckily, I am not an anti-capitalists, however it is about time, I agree.

During the last three years I have written about 60 articles on business ethics, but while I was in business I was often alarmed at the disregard for ethics amongst professionals. I am talking about accountants, attorneys, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, business brokers, and bankers. Indeed, each one of these folks will claim they are of the highest ethical and moral standards. They wear a suit and tie to prove it, but in reality that’s only clothing, it’s not even skin deep.

One thing that concerned me the most, was that many professionals that I did business with had loose lips, in other words they would talk about their clients, their problems, and how they solved them with me, an outside business person. Sometimes they would tell me stories about other entrepreneurs that I actually knew. Then I wondered how much they talked about me behind my back and how much information they gave to my potential competitors.

It is amazing how well professional convince us of their ethics, and how much professionals will disregard their own actions. Perhaps, this is why I have written so many articles on business ethics, and why I believe if you are an online article author that you should be writing articles about ethics too.

No one should conduct business in an unethical manner. I am quite concerned about this because I realize how deep this problem runs. Maybe we can all get together and do something about it. Please consider all this.

Make Money: Five Resolutions for Your Article Writing Business

If you’re looking for a work from home opportunity, writing articles for businesses may be for you, especially if you enjoy writing. You can live anywhere you choose, and the startup costs are minimal.

There’s a heavy demand for quality content online after Google’s Panda update, so your business will thrive. The emphasis however is on “quality.”

Let’s look at five resolutions you should make to ensure that your articles are top quality.

1. Although I Will Pay Attention to Keywords, I Will Put Readers First

Yes, keywords are important. However, you’re writing for readers. It won’t matter how many site visitors your keywords attract if no one stays to read your articles. Indeed, there’s every chance that the poor quality of the content means that the search engines bury it forever.

Keep your readers in mind. Give them the information they need. Strive for clarity, and make your content useful. Add a paragraph or two of “action steps” to your article.

2. I Will Outline and Revise My Articles With Quality in Mind

If you confuse your readers, you’ll lose them. Before you start writing, jot down the points you want to make. Then, leave your article for 24 hours. When you come back to it, you’ll see ways in which you can make your article better.

Here’s an efficient work flow:

* Research keywords, and create article titles:

* Outline the titles — aim to cover three or more points in each article;

* Write the first draft;

* Revise your articles a day or two later.

3. I Will Research So I Can Create Unique Content

Quality content is well-researched. Refuse to rehash material you find online. Do your own research: speak with experts.

For example, let’s say you’re writing an article on dog training. For a 500 word article, chat with a dog trainer. For a 1500 word article, chat with two dog trainers, a vet, and a dog owner.

4. I Will Promote My Articles Because They Deserve It

It’s not enough to write your articles, you need to promote them, too. If you’re writing for clients, offer a promotional service. The Web’s become extremely competitive; there’s big competition for attention.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook help you to promote painlessly. Also, get your visitors onto a mailing list, so that you can communicate with them again.

5. I Will Look for Ways to Add Value for My Article Writing Clients

Once you have clients, treat them well. Look for ways in which you can add value to the services you provide.

Consider value-adds such as promotion using press releases, and content distribution. Offer to compile material you’ve written in an eBook, tailoring the content to your client’s audience.

The more value your clients get from your services, the more loyal they will be.

Developing an article writing business is rewarding, not only in a financial sense, but also in the satisfaction you get from helping your clients. You’ll have a wonderful New Year when you carry out your resolutions.

Writing Articles on Business Ethics

The other day, I was going through all the business articles I had written and compiled, and I noted that I had produced quite a number of articles on business ethics. I’m not sure why, it was never my intention to do so, it just seems that it must be on my mind, as it has also been in the news. It was something that always bothered me in business, and I think we also need to deal with ethics in government as well.

It is my contention that the real problem starts in the family, and cheating on tests in school. If people get by cheating, chances are they learn these habits and will cheat their way through life the best they can. That doesn’t do any of us any good out here in the real world, as it is always the consumer, investor, or society that somehow ends up paying for it in the end.

Okay so, this brings me to another subject, and that is this; all of us online article authors might be able to do quite a bit of good for the world if we will prepare quality content telling of case studies, stories, experiences, and observations about what we’ve learned and witnessed on this topic. The more people who are talking about it, and the more it is on everyone else’s mind, the fewer instances we will have of less than ethical behavior in the business world.

No, I don’t think we’re going to be able to get rid of all of it, human nature dictates that people will always find a way to get more while doing less. There are just too many lazy people in the world, and cheating comes to easy. Nevertheless, by keeping this topic in everyone’s minds it does create a little bit of peer pressure out in society, and in the business workplace. People are less likely to do unethical behavior if they know everyone else is watching, and thinking about it.

If each one of us online article writers prepares just three or four articles on the topic over let’s say a year’s period, that could amount to 2 million more articles on the topic posted online. Those articles will be re-tweeted, and some of them will enter the hot zone of viral content, meaning tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people will read the article.

Further, it can do a lot more to helping commerce and or economy if business people know they can trust each other, they are more likely to do more business, and that means more commercial activity, and more money flows. This translates to lower unemployment rates, because as people do more business they have to hire more people to get it all done. Maybe we can start a good trend here. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.